Where is The Amazing Max located?
Max Darwin is based in New York City. When he is not performing his stage show Off-Broadway or on tour he is available for private parties in the NY Tri-state area! He will travel to your home or event location. He is happy to recommend party spaces in Manhattan, click here for Max’s favorite NYC venues!

Who does The Amazing Max perform for?
Max performs magic for everyone! This means that everyone at your event, whether they are 1 or 100 will have an AMAZING time.  While he is one of New York’s highest rated and Magicians for kids and families, he is also a highly skilled close up magician and is in constant demand for adult cocktail parties, bar mitzvahs, and weddings.

What do I need to provide?
Max provides all of his own equipment and sound system. He will bring everything he needs! All that you need to provide is a space or a corner/separate area away from any toys/play equipment in front of a wall/barrier or in a space where no one can walk behind Max during his show.

Can you make sure that Max makes the birthday child feel special? (ex: asking child to be in the show)
Yes, Max will absolutely involve the birthday child in the activities and make them feel very special. Max loves to interact with all his guests, but is very aware how important these days are for the guests of honor. We are confident your child and your party guests will have a wonderful time at the party!

What are the prizes you provide at the party?
The magic show giveaways include Amazing Max stickers, tattoos, and coloring sheets for each child. He also gives one copy of his instructional magic DVD, Magic In Minutes, to the birthday child. These prizes are all small and we do not promote them as a substitute for a goodie bag.

I want to make sure all the children are included/receive prizes at the party.
Rest assured that everyone will receive prizes. Especially at this age, Max doesn’t believe in making anyone a big winner but always spreading the prizes equally, and especially in a party situation!

It says in your policies that their is no eating during the show. What if I have adults at the party?  
During the magic show Max requests that no food or drinks are served to the children.  It is very distracting and results in the kids missing out on key parts of the show.  It is also a safety issue, as there is a lot of laughter and call & response in the show.  There will be plenty of time after the show to serve the kids food and drinks.  Adults are, of course, more than welcome to have a drink or a snack (away from the performance area), but Max highly encourages the adults to watch his show as well.  It is designed to amaze them too and quite often they are laughing as hard as the kids.

Do you require a deposit and is it refundable?
A non-refundable 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve a party date and time.
How will I know if my party is booked?
Once you receive an email confirmation and pay your deposit, your party is officially booked.
How do I pay the balance and when is it due?
The balance is due 3 business days before your event via Credit Card.

Does Max perform outdoors?
Yes, but not just anywhere is a good spot for a magic show.  For all outdoor performances Max requires the following:
– The magic show must take place in the shade or in a covered area.
– The performance area must be flat and located against a wall or barrier (in the case of a park this usually means against a fence or other man made structure), so that no one is walking behind him during the show.
– The performance area may not be in direct sunlight as the heat is hazardous to Max’s magic equipment.  It is also highly recommended that the children are seated in the shade as it can be very uncomfortable for them to be seated in direct sun for 45 minutes.
– Max will not perform in windy conditions or rain as it is damages his magic equipment.
– An electrical outlet for Max’s sound system. Please note, his sound system does run on a wireless battery, but if an outlet is accessible that would be preferred.
** If having your event outdoors we highly recommend having an alternate indoor location in the case of rain.

What is the difference “The Amazing Max” theater show and the birthday party show?
Max’s theater show is a very different, larger, and more theatrical experience that runs for 1 hour.  Many parts of “The Amazing Max” are unique to the production and are never seen at his private party magic shows.  The show builds to a moment of unforgettable wonder as, from his bare hands, Max makes it snow in the theater.  It includes an assistant,  professional lighting and sound, and is great for audience size between 100 to 1500.